New Year – 2016

I obviously haven’t posted for a year or two, but thought I’d start out posting again every month, or more. .  .  I think blogging has been overtaken by Facebook, altho’ I hardly have time for either one.   I’m an old-fashioned girl, I guess, pretty happy with email, and some regular chosen sites.  I subscribe to what I’m really interested in.  As you know (?), I’m in Anchorage Alaska, and I’m perfectly happy here.   Travel used to be a big thing with me, but I limit my trips these days.  Why, you say?  Like a typical ‘old fogie’, I remember when it was a pleasure to take a flight – I’d dress up, even wear heels and a hat — and you were treated like a celebrity.  You’d just walk to your gate, and your friends could also go along to see you off.  It’s not like that now, as you know.  But one of my gripes (hard to limit them) is that our new, beautiful airport also posts many pieces of art, but you can’t get past security to see it.  That is, unless you’re there to take a flight, and who wants to cart around a ‘carry-on’ piece of luggage to explore the gates before your flight at a distant gate.  Well, maybe I should call my blog the “gripe of the month”.    I’ll brag about Alaska in my next blog.  Okay?

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I’ve abandoned my blogs of late in favor of Facebook. . . .  I think blogging isn’t as popular as it used to be since Facebook’s easy posting and responding is more user friendly.   Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ll get back to writing my blurb about Anchorage soon.  It’s hard to do both – not really hard, but it just takes time.

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Spring tries again to enter Anchorage


Now, that’s a long title, but it’s taking a while for breakup . . . this image is a typical result of not really getting warmer.
It’s still snowing, but it’s wet snow and just makes a big mess . . . we’re used to coping with this most years. Outside of that, our seedlings are starting to bloom indoors and ready to go outside whenever . . . and studded tires are changed back to regular tires, and even the golf courses are looking green (almost).

The schools are holding their track and field meets in the Dome, which is a huge indoor bubble built by and near the Centerpoint mega-church, who took over the defunct Seafood Plant. (Comment: how could a fish plant subsized by the state still go bankkrupt in Alaska?) Speaking of big projects, talk continues on the Knik Arm Crossing bridge or causeway, and the rotting/outdated docks at the Port of Anchorage, Coastal Trail Improvements, and other needy items. Someday, maybe, but not in my lifetime.

The cultural scene continues strong in town, as the Symphony season just completed its program with the Damnation of Faust, and the Concert Association is just about complete with the entry of Tony Bennett in person, and Mary Poppins. The Anchorage Museum is replacing it’s director, and continues with big programs to supplement the art on display. Never a dull moment if you just get out and ‘do it’.

My blog is obviously a way for me to speak out, but social media is really taking over blogs and I may give in to Facebook. You know what they say – ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’.

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Anchorage Spring

The calendar says it’s spring, all right, but the gods didn’t send any heat to match. However, the weather is just beautiful here and you will note the East Coast and even central US is still having winter. In Anchorage, breakup is the messy time of year as the snow melts during the day, and re-freezes overnight, so it’s really hard to walk on the ice without at least one spill a year. Mine hasn’t happened yet.

As one special event ends, another begins. Here’s a local troubadour, Hobo Jim, who wrote a popular song (locally) to honor the Iditarod, and continues to become well-known beyond Alaska.


The Iditarod was pretty well covered internationlly, as riders are coming here from all over the world nowadays. This year even Argentina was represented. That country has been exporting some people of note, like Miss Universe, and Pope Francis, too! Easter is upon us, and releases us from all the things we gave up for Lent. Did you?

The summer tourist season is also gearing up for a big influx this summer, and will probably have more economic impact, as the oil industry has been handcuffed by the federal government. Well, I won’t go into that, as this is a non-political column, remember.

It seems that the social networks have taken over the blogs, but I’m an old-fashioned gal, and don’t relate to the opened-ended comments on Facebook. But it’s really the bible of many of my friends and readers.

I’ve not a lot more to say except that the Anchorage Centennial is coming in 2015, so the municipality decided to make it a 3 year celebration, So we’re starting to be deluged with even more events of all kinds being planned.

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Loving Anchorage


As you guessed, this isn’t Anchorage, but it’s a shot of beautiful Phoenix. Pretty nice, but lacks the charm of my city – Anchorage!

2013-magiccastleOne of my memorable stops on my 6 week getaway was the famous Magic Castle, in Los Angeles. You need an invitation to visit there from a member, and I was lucky to get a reservation on my date because they’re celebrating their 50th year of operation, and the place was crowded!

Another highlight of my trip was a visit to Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, which opened in Tampa, Florida. It was held in the Hockey arena, but before the performance, we were able to walk ‘backstage’ to see the elephants and other animals.

There are several outstanding museums in San Francisco, like the Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Science and Technology. However, they are very crowded and a long walk from any parking. My Hostess was a member so was able to get tickets to enter, which are limited in number.
This is my hostess and one of her grandaughters, who was so good to drive me everywhere!

While I’m not posting any images from central California, you simply must visit Cindy Luther’s facebook page for so many pictures she’s been taking with her iPad. She’s living in San Luis Obispo for a few months because her son’s being graduated from Cal Poly in May, so we drove so many places in the SLOw area (yes, that’s what they call it), I couldn’t possibly download all of them. It’s a beautiful state, but then, we have it all right here in Alaska! We have a lot more coastline, even if we can’t surf in the big waves, but we have more oil, too, even tho’ we aren’t allowed to drill for it. . . and so it goes. Oh, and here’s
some of the beautiful landscape of Phoenix.

Yes, it’s a big country down there, but we have it all right here in Anchorage. Come and visit, and I’ll show you!

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Still Below Zero in Anchorage!

moonoverknikarm . . . . . . . . .


Betcha think I’m complaining. Well, not exactly, but as one gets older, it seems harder to take the below zero weather, so I’ve decided to escape to warmer climes for a month or so. As a visiter, you might enjoy visiting here this time of year, as we have many outdoor attractions, and the night sky is so beautiful. They just opened a rain forest ski trail of 5 K’s thru the woods of Girdwood, and the pictures show it to be inviting, if you’re dressed for the weather!

This Christmas season seems unseasonably (Pun) long, perhaps because the stores started pushing the buying period in October. Yes, as soon as the witches came down, Santa went up. For me, personally, it’s been a period of losing old friends, as there seem to be a heap of close friends who has passed away.

There haven’t been any movies to my liking lately, but Christmas day promises to bring several good new films, and the theatres are a toasty place to relax and keep warm. I did go to a film last week, and I had blinking bulb necklace, and they told me to turn it off – well, okay.

The fiscal cliff is supposed to be resolved this week, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I am trying to not turn political in my blogs, but it’s all around us, and I keep a ‘political’ folder that is buldging with over a hundred ‘gotta save this one’ letters. Some are really funny, if you have a warped sense of humor.

Since I’ve started griping, you may not be interested in this upcoming paragraph, as it’s stricty Spenard news. First of all, Spenard is a suburb of Anchorge, called mid-town Anchorage, and it starts in the 2200 block, so I live on the edge, but Spenard Road is fairly short, but cuts thru the club scene. Well, they decided to make a 3 lane road out of the present 4 lane road, to make the traffic flow better. They tried this with Arctic Boulevard, only 2 blocks east, and it didn’t work, so now they’re going to do it again. Yes, you read that right. Also on Spenard Road is Sunrise Bakery, with Hostess Twinkies and other favorite treats. Well, change that ‘is’ to ‘was’ – they went bankrupt, nationally, and that was part of the history of old Spenard.


Here’s a local treat, but needs parking indoors during our winter . . . for sure!

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Here We Go, Anchorage

As Hallowe’en flew past, and Thanksgiving flying in, and out, get ready for the Christmas holidays. Well, I’m ready.

Snow is coming late to the city, but I guess that Alyeska Ski Resort has several feet of snow, and I hear that Fairbanks is down to the minuses already.

We celebrated Veterans Day with a wonderful concert by the Community Chorus and ceremony at the American Legion Post 1 . . . other events, too.
Football season is peaking now, and locals are very interested in the NFL, as witnessed by the crowded bars this time of year. On Sunday mornings, the fans gather at 9 a.m., as our time zone is 4 hours behind NYC. The Petroleum Club offers a wonderful breakfast, together with door prizes. If you plan it right, you can make church services before or after. Ahem!

Some areas have still not recovered from the big windstorm 6 weeks ago. Above is pictured the elevated river in Soldotna, and there are trees down everywhere. The sun is shining today but it’s still pretty cold. Don’t go outside without covering everything but your eyeballs!

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