Springtime in Anchorage

Nothing better than spring in Anchorage with all the snowbirds returning, and the tourist season starting. There are so many events hre, but most notable is the return of farmer’s markets, with beautiful produce. On the sports scene, see all the usual events like the Anchorage Bucs baseball club revving up and the Anchorage Aces revving down, after a most successful season.


About Vera Crews

Blogging is my favorite. Sometimes, I'm forced to get into Facebook, and I avoid Twitter, Linked in, etc. but as they say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. But I'll not stop blogging, and I promise not to force it on any of you. Just want to share my world in Alaska.
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1 Response to Springtime in Anchorage

  1. Your blogs are pretty terrific as well…and your pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for your kind words. It’s fun to “participate” in each other’s travels, isn’t it?

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