Loving Anchorage


As you guessed, this isn’t Anchorage, but it’s a shot of beautiful Phoenix. Pretty nice, but lacks the charm of my city – Anchorage!

2013-magiccastleOne of my memorable stops on my 6 week getaway was the famous Magic Castle, in Los Angeles. You need an invitation to visit there from a member, and I was lucky to get a reservation on my date because they’re celebrating their 50th year of operation, and the place was crowded!

Another highlight of my trip was a visit to Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, which opened in Tampa, Florida. It was held in the Hockey arena, but before the performance, we were able to walk ‘backstage’ to see the elephants and other animals.

There are several outstanding museums in San Francisco, like the Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Science and Technology. However, they are very crowded and a long walk from any parking. My Hostess was a member so was able to get tickets to enter, which are limited in number.
This is my hostess and one of her grandaughters, who was so good to drive me everywhere!

While I’m not posting any images from central California, you simply must visit Cindy Luther’s facebook page for so many pictures she’s been taking with her iPad. She’s living in San Luis Obispo for a few months because her son’s being graduated from Cal Poly in May, so we drove so many places in the SLOw area (yes, that’s what they call it), I couldn’t possibly download all of them. It’s a beautiful state, but then, we have it all right here in Alaska! We have a lot more coastline, even if we can’t surf in the big waves, but we have more oil, too, even tho’ we aren’t allowed to drill for it. . . and so it goes. Oh, and here’s
some of the beautiful landscape of Phoenix.

Yes, it’s a big country down there, but we have it all right here in Anchorage. Come and visit, and I’ll show you!

About Vera Crews

Blogging is my favorite. Sometimes, I'm forced to get into Facebook, and I avoid Twitter, Linked in, etc. but as they say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. But I'll not stop blogging, and I promise not to force it on any of you. Just want to share my world in Alaska.
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