Spring tries again to enter Anchorage


Now, that’s a long title, but it’s taking a while for breakup . . . this image is a typical result of not really getting warmer.
It’s still snowing, but it’s wet snow and just makes a big mess . . . we’re used to coping with this most years. Outside of that, our seedlings are starting to bloom indoors and ready to go outside whenever . . . and studded tires are changed back to regular tires, and even the golf courses are looking green (almost).

The schools are holding their track and field meets in the Dome, which is a huge indoor bubble built by and near the Centerpoint mega-church, who took over the defunct Seafood Plant. (Comment: how could a fish plant subsized by the state still go bankkrupt in Alaska?) Speaking of big projects, talk continues on the Knik Arm Crossing bridge or causeway, and the rotting/outdated docks at the Port of Anchorage, Coastal Trail Improvements, and other needy items. Someday, maybe, but not in my lifetime.

The cultural scene continues strong in town, as the Symphony season just completed its program with the Damnation of Faust, and the Concert Association is just about complete with the entry of Tony Bennett in person, and Mary Poppins. The Anchorage Museum is replacing it’s director, and continues with big programs to supplement the art on display. Never a dull moment if you just get out and ‘do it’.

My blog is obviously a way for me to speak out, but social media is really taking over blogs and I may give in to Facebook. You know what they say – ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’.

About Vera Crews

Blogging is my favorite. Sometimes, I'm forced to get into Facebook, and I avoid Twitter, Linked in, etc. but as they say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. But I'll not stop blogging, and I promise not to force it on any of you. Just want to share my world in Alaska.
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